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Cuisine | Japanese food has been registered as world heritage.. Please enjoy seasonal cuisine

All meals are prepared in accordance with the homey country dishes that are a common part of life in the Shiga Kogen region. We are convinced that our selection of meals prepared with the best quality ingredients will satisfy even the most fastidious of diners.

japanese dinner cuisine

Special Deluxe Room & Japanese / Western Room Meal Package

japanese food cuisine

Standard Package Meals

We serve homey country dishes prepared mainly with the local woodland vegetables of the Shiga Kogen region. We are especially particular over the wild plants and bamboo shoots we use, only selecting the ones that are picked in the spring. These are then bottled for use throughout the rest of the year. We also use locally-picked nameko mushrooms for our side dishes, and this has given us the reputation of a hotel that only uses the choice offerings of the surrounding mountains.
In addition to this, we also serve other local specialties, such as sashimi, fresh grilled fish, and Shinshu soba noodles. Our attention to the quality of all our ingredients produces the type of cuisine that can not be found anywhere else.
Why not come and give it a try for yourself?

japanese food cuisine

  • Please inform us beforehand if there is any type of river fish that you would not want to be served.
  • Items in the menu listed with the word “or Eare subject to change.
  • The standard package does not include steamed dish and soup dish.
  • Meals will be prepared for each group in the dining room.
  • The main menu for the guests will alternate between the ala carte menu and a hotpot menu on a daily basis.
We never use anything but Koshihikari rice produced in Tsunan, Niigata Prefecture, which we shell and mill ourselves on the premises.
The rice is cooked with minus-ion water to produce a delicious and fluffy rice.
japanese dinner cuisine
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