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shiga kogen tour
kusatsu shiranesan

Kusatsu Shiranesan

Shiranesan is one of the other famous attractions in Kusatsu. It is ranked as one of Kyuya Fukada's best one-hundred mountains in Japan.


yokoteyama nozoki

Yokoteyama Nozoki

Boasting a height of 2,305 meters, this is the tallest of Shiga Kogen's mountains. A complete 360-degree panoramic view can be enjoyed from the Yokoteyama-Later.


A panoramic road linking Kusatsu with Suzurikawa

After arrival, take a stroll to the Higashidateyama gondola for access to the Alpine Botanical Garden.

sightseeing shiga

shiga kogen tour
obuse nagano


This is very popular spot for the ladies, as there are a wider range of attractions such as the Hokusai Museum for Hokusai Katsushika, and it is also the hometown of chestnut sweetmeats.


karuizawa tour


The Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza is also one of our recommended spots in addition to the monuments to the literary greats and the Shiraito-no-taki waterfall.



Jigokudani Yaen-Koen

- Other Recommended Spots -



Togakushi nestles into beautiful natural surroundings and is scattered with many historical temples and shrines and historical sites, and it is also known as the land of the water gods owing to its crystal clear water.


kurohime kogen

Kurohime Kogen

Kurohime Kogen's recommended spots include the Cosmos Gardens and the Fairy Tale Museum. The area commands a magnificent view of Lake Nojiri below.


Genji Firefly Viewing Tour

genji fireflyIt is still possible to see the Genji-botaru fireflies of which we Japanese are so proud even in this day and age
(between the middle of June and the end of August.)

These fireflies, found only in Shiga Kogen, are a very rare species of firefly known as the Genji-botaru and they remain at the top of many of Japan's ranking lists, as follows:

1. They are the only fireflies to live at such high altitudes.
2. The gestation period for the larva is the longest in Japan.
3. The period during which the adult flies can be seen is the longest in Japan.

* They have the longest life span of all fireflies in Japan, even after maturing into adults.

Japan's No. 1 firefly can be viewed throughout the summer holiday season. The hotel, of course, operates tours to visit these creatures, providing valuable information on their ecosystems. This is a perfect topic for children to use for their summer project homework. Our more senior guests can spend an enjoyable time nostalgically looking back on the time when fireflies could be seen in great quantities.
The fee for the tour is only \315 per person (tax included), so why not make a reservation now?
(The fireflies can be viewed up until approximately August 20.)

Tour of Shibu-Onsen Open-air Baths

shibu onsen spa How about a tour of the nine Open-air Baths, all of which have their own individual characteristics and interests? Collect a stamp on your hand towel for each of the baths you bathe in to prove that you have been there.
Having entered all of the baths, the tour will culminate with a pilgrimage to Koyakushi, which is reached by climbing the steps located in front of Ooyu.
All of your wishes are sure to be granted.
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