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Skiing | Situated in UNESCO Eco Park, Shiga ski areas, powder snow and fascinating scenery.

shiga kogen off piste

Situated in UNESCO Eco Park, the charms of Shiga Heights include a wide variety of ski areas, powder snow and fascinating scenery. When wandering outside you will hear the crisp crunch made by boots treading in fresh snow, a sign of the great conditions on offer! We at Shiga Heights recommend you take the opportunity to visit the wide range of resorts in the area, and take in the spectacular natural scenery while skiing down the wonderful tree-lined slopes!

Half-day and one-day tickets are available for our tree-lined slopes, where kids and beginners who can manage snow-plow turns can enjoy a comfortable day out on the hill.

shiga kogen ski

Leave the hotel via the drying room or the exit on the third floor and you are practically on the ski slopes. We are located very close to the several ski slopes, such as the Hoppo-Bunadaira Ski Slopes, which are suitable beginners and families with small children, and Higashidateyama Ski Slopes, which were used during the giant slalom event in the 1998 Olympic Games, as well as the Higashidateyama gondolas.

It is also possible to ski into and out of the ski equipment drying room, as the Hoppo Quad Lift drops you off right on the doorstep.

If you wish to stretch your legs as far as the Yakebitaiyama Ski Slopes or Yokoteyama areas, you can use the shuttle bus that covers the all of the mountains in Shiga from the Hoppo Hot Spring bus station, located only a three-minute walk from the hotel.

  • Half-day and one-day tickets are available for the Higashidate tree-lined slopes, which run down to the East Wing entrance of our hotel.
  • Nishidate slopes
  • Higashidate slopes
  • Depending on the weather, your skill and physical strength you are free to choose any course that suits you.

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Higashidateyama Ski Slopes

shiga kogen ski slope

This course was used for the men's and women's giant slalom in the 1998 Olympic Games, and it boasts an extremely challenging downhill course. This is ideally suited to advanced skiers, but there is also a gentle woodland course for beginners. The restaurant provides excellent panoramic views at the summit of Mt. Higashidate, where you can stop for coffee before setting out on your ski run. This is also the starting point for skiing to other ski slopes, such as the Terakoya Ski Slopes.

Lift Name Vertical Drop length(m) Time Required Course Distance Slope Angle Difficulty
16.Higashidateyama Gondola 430 1384 Five minutes 45 seconds 12.Higashidateyama Olympic Course 1600 20/36 Intermediate
13.Higashidateyama Woodland Course 4000 9/12 Beginners

Hopoo-Bunadaira Ski Slope

hoppo bunadaira ski

This is a large, gentle slope known as the Girls' lope, which is suitable for beginners and families. You are recommended to use this slope for practice before going onto Shiga Kogen. The lower part of the slope is connected to the giant ski slopes. The Hoppo Quad Lift ends at the gondola lift station at the foot of Higashidateyama. There is a very good chance you will spot antelopes from the lift.

Lift Name Vertical Drop length(m) Time Required Course Distance Slope Angle Difficulty
14.Bunadaira Quad 93 520 Two minutes 10 seconds 14.Bunadaira Slope 1500 10/20Beginners
15.Hoppo Quad 239 1047 Four minutes 22 seconds 
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